Class Timetable

Mat Classes

The Pilates mat class is a popular exercise routine that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is a non-impact routine that focuses on core strength, co-ordination and flexibility. Weights and small props may be incorporated into the class for a greater workout.

All classes are conducted by a qualified Pilates instructor. Mat classes are limited to 15 people per class to ensure thorough attention to all clients.

Classes are at 2 levels – Basic and Intermediate/Advanced

Basic classes are a good starting point for those new to pilates. Exercises are kept at a basic level so that you can concentrate on breathing and technique.

Int/Adv classes are for those looking for a more challenging workout. Exercises are at a more advanced level for those with more athletic ability. Usually a progression from the basic mat class.

Physio/ Rehab Pilates This class is a mat  class which is run by a physiotherapist This class is recommended for anyone who needs special attention e.g. back or neck problems. However you do not need to have injuries to attend this class. These classes are run by a physiotherapist and are therefore eligible for a health fund rebate. You do need to have a physiotherapy assessment prior to commencing this class.

Props class This class is a combination of Pilates mat and small equipment i.e Swiss ball, small ball, foam roller, magic circle and theraband. It’s for those who want a little more variety in their workout. The Swiss ball is a great way to get fit whilst having fun! It is a challenging class that focuses on core stability, body alignment, balanced strength and control. All classes are conducted by qualified Pilates Instructors.


Pregnancy classes are specially designed for pregnant women, these classes are a combination of pilates, fitball and yoga as well as teaching you birthing skills and techniques for labour. Classes are taught by Kirsten Joyner Barberini who is a women’s health Physiotherapist as well as a Pilates Practitioner and mother of 2. Kirsten has a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on to both first-time mums and those returning for second, third or even forth babies!!

Mums n Bubs is a class you can attend post-natally.  These classes focus on restoring pelvic floor and abdominal tone and restoring core strength and general flexibility. You are welcome to bring along your baby.

These classes may be commenced from 6 weeks after delivery. All Fit-4-2 classes are run by a physiotherapist and are therefore eligible for a health fund rebate. It is imperative that post-natal exercise is appropriate incorrect exercises and poor technique can actually  damage  the abdominals and pelvic floor further .

Infant Massage class – This class runs one week of every term. The class is 2 hours long and is aimed at new parents or mums -to -be. Classes are taught by a physiotherapist who is also and infant massage instructor. Classes include a manual and a bottle of organic massage oil.

Studio Classes

This class is a combination of Pilates reformer, Trapeze table (Cadilac), Wunda chair, barrel, ball & small equipment exercises. It’s for those who want an individually tailored program.  These classes improve body alignment and correct faulty movement patterns.

A great way to try out the benefits of the studio equipment.

All classes are conducted by qualified physiotherapists and/ or Pilates instructors who hold a diploma in Pilates . 3 – 4  Participants – bookings essential and 24 hour notice must be given to cancel a class which can then be made up.

Private tuition is available on request- privates or semi-privates (2 people).

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