Not only is Kirsten a wonderful Pilates Instructor – fantastic business woman, Physiotherapist, great mum and all round Smart -Woman Chick. Her awesomeness has extended itself to chasing away pain in this creaky Ladie’s old arthritic chubby knees! ♥ Kirsten at Pilates for Life( The Junction Physio & Pilates Centre) is a Smart Woman indeed!

I love Pilates for life because it gets me out of the house and on the road to reclaiming my pre baby(ies) strength. Plus,I love how no one laughs at me when I more resemble an overturned turtle on those giant balls.!

Love the music, conversation, exercise, pain relief, bouncy balls to play with, relaxed atmosphere and expert teachers!

What is there not to like about Pilates for Life.. I love it, great exercise and beaut people.

ODE TO PILATES – Pilates really is my bestfriend, as it makes you stretch and it makes you bend. Pilates will tone those trouble spots, and relax your mind and body lots. Pilates is a place to meet and greet, a place you go to have bare feet. But lastly pilates is the place to see, Kirsten moving ever so gracefully!

I love going to Fit 4 2 pilates. This is my third pregnancy and my first time to fit 4 2. Its such a great way to get time out from the chaos at home. Plus i feel amazing after the class. Its also really nice doing the class with lots of other pregnant women. I wish i had done it with my previous babies.

I love the fit 4 2 classes because they provide me with invaluable info about positions to try for labour, I get a great low impact work out, and a fabulous sense of community. Wonderful!!!

I have loved the Fit 4 2 classes. I always walk away relaxed and ready to take on more after a class. I also love all the tips we learn along the way for labour. Thanks

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